When will we re-open?

We will be re-opening our doors in line with the recent announcement on the 25th of July!

Will there be a limit on how many people can use the gym?

Yes, there will be limit on how many people will be able to use the gym at any given point of time to ensure all social distancing guidelines can be met, we will be implementing a booking system for peak hours initially and a live dashboard will be available on our website so you can check how busy the gym is before coming in

To facilitate this we have also spaced all our equipment 2 meters apart. In the event that the gym reaches full capacity, we will ask you to wait near the entrance area using social distance markers. We will also be putting our pods temporarily out of use and operate on a one in one out policy.

How is the air in the gym circulated?

Our gym circulates fresh air through our air conditioning system and meets all government and CIBSE ventilation guidelines.

What steps are we taking to keep you safe?

All our equipment will be thoroughly sanitised before putting to use, we will be enforcing stringent disinfection and social distancing measures within our facility to create a safe environment for our members to train.

You will be temperature checked before coming in and will be asked to stay at home if you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms.

We will be implementing enhanced cleaning procedures with our staff frequently disinfecting all high touch points and a manager will be doing a hygiene check every 30 mins.

A member of staff will be easily available to address any concerns you might have regarding safety and any issues will be resolved at the earliest.

Will we have to book before we come in?.

There will be a booking system in place for peak hours only to avoid excessive crowding, there won't be a need to book in between 10am-5pm initially. We will have a live counter of how many people are present in the gym at any given time so you can check how busy it is before coming in. We request you to come at quieter times if possible.

Will we have to queue to come in?

We are implementing a booking system for peak hours to avoid crowds. We do not expect frequent queuing during off peak hours, due to our spacious facility however in the case where we hit maximum capacity, you will be asked to wait for a very short period before you get in.

Will there be self sanitisation stations in the gym?

We will be providing multiple sanitising stations through out the gym along with cleaning stations in every zone so that you can wipe down kit before and after use. All members are requested yo us a disinfection spray and blue roll provided to sanitise all equipment touch points which will be clearly marked out

Will classes still be conducted?

Yes, classes will still be conducted but in a new format and with limited numbers. A new timetable will be released soon.

Can I freeze my membership if I don't feel comfortable attending?

Yes, you will have an option of freezing your membership if you feel you are not yet comfortable coming into the gym.

Will PT sessions still be conducted?

Yes, PT sessions will be conducted and all required guidelines will be followed

Will there be a limit on how long I can use the gym?

Peak hours will be divided into time slots of 75 mins with 15 mins being alloted to coming in and out of the gym and 60 mins to train. We will then be using 15 mins to clean and be ready for the next batch of members. There will be no limit to usage during off peak hours but we request all members to try and limit gym usage to no more than 90 mins to accommodate other members

Will changing rooms be operational?

Yes, changing rooms will still be operational, however we request all members to minimise it's usage as much as possible and come to the gym in workout clothes whenever you can to avoid crowding. 


What happens to my annual membership if I have paid in advance?

Any time lost on memberships will be made up by extending it for the time we were closed

What happens to my direct debit?

We will send you an email before recommencing your direct debit and the options you have if you are not in a position to come back

Will we still be running free trials for friends?

Yes, you can still get friends down for free, you can get in touch with the manager and he can advise on a suitable time to arrange this.

Can I join Multifit Salford?

Yes, once we open we will be accepting limited new memberships to our club. You can click here to avail our re-opening offer, which will be available for a limited period of time

Have we answered all your questions? If you feel we have left any query out feel free to get in touch by clicking the link below